Welcome to the Waterford Public Library located in the historic  D&H railroad depot in Waterford, NY.

touchofmink We had to do a last minute switcheroo on our movie selection last week, when it was discovered that the Great Race was almost 3 hours length! This week’s selection is right on time though, and may have even more star power! “That Touch of Mink” features Hollywood legends, Cary Grant and Doris Day, along with Audrey Meadows of Honeymooner’s fame, as well as John Astin, perhaps best known for playing Gomez on the Addams Family television series. A very funny and enjoyable film, perfect antidote for a chilly Monday evening! Showtime is always 6pm and admission will cost you nothing. Seating is limited though, so don’t delay! We finish up the series next week with “It Happened on 5th Avenue“.

greatraceAfter last week’s dramatic western, it’s time for a little comedy, and who better to provide some laughs than Blake Edwards! We screen his screwball roadster film “The Great Race”, starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Natalie Wood! Showtime is still 6pm and admission will cost you nothing but some laughs! Seating is limited though, so don’t be late!

cookie_mix_jar_8This is a great opportunity for families to come to the library and create a great gift for friends, neighbors or anyone who would enjoy a delicious gift! Stop by between 12-2pm here at the library. Supplies are limited, so if possible call ahead and speak to Liz at 237-0891 to tell her you plan to attend. And look ahead to our Annual Gingerbread House program, which takes place on two days, Thursday December 18th and Saturday December 20th.